Jahn Autosport is a full service racecar preparation business with offices in Central and Eastern Wisconsin offering services in all areas and specialization in many. Let us be your one stop shop! We have the ability to complete nut and bolt restorations or just help you out with alignments or rebuilds. We offer the many services below – if you don’t see something, just contact us and we will discuss!

Trackside Support

Racing is hard work. Let us do the work for you, so you can have fun. Jahn Autosport can arrange trackside support from the most basic of coaching and assisting with your race weekend to a complete arrive and drive program. (Call now weekends are filling quickly).

Driver Coaching& Training

GO FASTER! You can go faster using our driver coaching program. We can monitor your track experience and offer suggestions on a corner by corner basis with experience from drivers who have won multiple championships. Or bring us your car and we can test it for an independent assessment to help diagnose any issues or help you go faster.

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition is the only way to really know what is happening in the car. We have various partners we can work with in order to purchase a Data Acquisition unit to suit your needs. Installation is completed at Jahn Autosport by an Electrical Engineer and trained computer expert. We have experience with various forms of Data Acquisition systems and can help you analyze, store, and tally the results using modern technology services to compare laps and help you improve your performance.

Racecar Transportation

We can aid you in your car transportation to and from the track as a part of our full service trackside support or we can safely transport your newly purchased racecar from the seller. There are various levels of transportation available from open vehicle transportation to fully enclosed transportation. (Available with and without living quarters). Delivery is available as a part of our racecar brokering and sales service. We have the ability to transport parts as well or arrange for a contracted shipper.

Racecar Preparation

Racecar preparation is one of the most important aspects to having a good weekend. Jahn Autosport offers services from a basic alignment and corner weight adjustment to a complete nut and bolt preparation with a detailed inspection list to verify the car is track ready. Check out a Jahn Autosport car today and evaluate our preparation levels.

Racecar Brokering, sales, and procurement.

If you have a car you would like to sell, we can advertise and market it in order to help with the sale. We have resources to find rare vehicles and parts or even common racecar parts. We specialize in racecars but have helped procure parts from vintage vans to Porsche RSR’s

Motor and Gearbox Rebuilds
We have the facilities to rebuild motors and gearboxes including machine tools which allow for precision rebuilds. Motors and gearboxes are torn down, inspected and then rebuilt in a clean room which minimizes contamination. Our motor and gearbox rebuild history is solid with strong reliability shown with evidence by our historical finishing record, track records, and championships. If you already have a rebuild service selected we can remove the motor or gearbox and aid with transportation to the builder.

Restoration or Maintenance.

Don’t have time to rebuild that new or used toy? Let us rebuild your car with the attention to detail and reliability you have seen from Jahn Autosport since the 70’s. Racecars need regular care and feeding; if you just need help with that routine maintenance, just let us know and we can discuss your requirements.

Repair –

IF… it does happen we can make it better than it was before the accident. We have facilities to rebuild the car. And we work with the very best partners from State Certified welders, who have the ability to weld rare earth metals to fabricators who have top notch quality.


Let Jahn Autosport fix your body! We have facilities and experience to repair and rebuild your body. We have several decades of body fabrication and repair experience from just your basic repair work to a new special tunnel nose; we can do it for you and get you that show room shine.


We have various forms of racecar storage available ranging from outside storage of trailers to enclosed environmentally controlled buildings and the various levels between


Research, buy, sell, and evaluation services.... Research of cars and finding obscure cars and parts...  Price for parts and cars is 10% finders fee (Plus expenses).  Includes evaluation of cars, assessments of cars, and validation of cars if agreed upon in addition to estimating VALUE of cars.

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